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Rodent Sensor Management


Automated Rodent Surveillance System to help monitor rodent activity 24/7 round the clock.

Daily keep alive and online alerts

Immediate real-time alert when rodent activity is detected

Multiple recipient notifications are push-sent (email, SMS, etc.)

Works with Wi-Fi or with IPM Square encrypted Wi-Fi hotspot

The system is divided into two (2) main tasks, Detection and Data Analytics on the rodent activity intensity.

  • Detection – to automatically detect rodent activity in false ceiling areas or other areas where traps are deployed.
  • Data Analytics – to perform Data Analytics on the data collected on rodent trapped and push notification to end user.


Visual AI (Face Recognition)

Smart Photo Analytical AI

Long Range Sensor & Photo Capture

Day and Night Vision

Online Dashboard & Mobile App

Square Eye is a digital pest control device that allows us to identify, monitor, capture and record rodent issues.

Rodent management using IPM Square Eye mainly targets the nesting site of rodents in the heavy inspected areas. It is an integrated multi-sensor device equipped with 7 high quality sensors for operation. These sensors have the ability to detect and recognize the presence of rodents, their motion and even the reaction of IPM Square Rat. The remote snapshots are controllable by the user, which means photos can be taken at any given moment.

Rodent Image captured by Square Eye

Auto-generated statistical data such as activity, time, and location will be shown on the online dashboard. Clients can access the information at any time by using the dashboard and Wi-Fi connected mobile phone. A comprehensive report will be provided at the end of the program. This report includes the level of rodent infestation at different time intervals, potential entry points, breeding areas, explanation and the progress of the program.

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