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We are the Termite Specialist.

The Termites of South East Asia are amongst the most destructive insect pests in the entire world, putting your home and its contents at peril.

Your home is likely to be the biggest single investment you ever make, and to discover termites’ damaging it is not only very upsetting but can also be very costly to repair the damage done by them. Therefore, as a homeowner, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect your home from these relentless and voracious enemies!

Subterranean Termites left unchecked or treated can cause major structural damage to your property and can destroy huge parts of your home within a short time. If you have already identified termite activity, or would like to take the necessary precautions to keep your property safe; you are advised to undertake a thorough termite inspection..

Why US?

  • We are very professional and offer the best termite treatment solutions.
  • We use state of the art equipment to aid in our termite inspections.
  • We have over 20-years’ worth of experience and expertise to address all termite and pest problems.
  • We offer a warranty to keep you satisfied and your money’s worth.
  • We always get rid of the problem and keep your property safe.
” When you undertake a professional termite inspection and treatment with Ezzy Pest, you can be assured that you are working with a leading termite and pest control specialist. Over the years we have helped hundreds of homeowners resolve their termite concerns. “

Thermal Imaging Inspections with Smart Technology Equipment

At Ezzy Pest, we use the latest state of the art equipment for our termite inspections. This specialized equipment helps us to narrow down the search and pinpoint the termite activity in your property. Visual inspections alone will not give an accurate evaluation of the termite situation at your property. We provide FREE THERMAL IMAGING inspections as part of our termite baiting programmes.

EZZY Above Ground Termite Baiting

Above ground bait systems are placed directly in the path of termites – in the middle of active mud tubes or on wood or other materials directly above active galleries. If the exact location of the subterranean termite colony is difficult to detect, we may use a moisture meter or other inspection tools to locate the source. The duration for elimination will take between 8 to 12 weeks which will be closely monitored and baited by our termite specialist throughout the period. Rest assured that once the baiting process has been initiated, damage to your property stops! The extended feeding period ensures TOTAL COLONY ELIMINATION!

Safe for Kids and Pets: Any homeowners with kids and pets know how hard it is to keep them away from any chemical treated areas. We are NOT using toxic chemicals so you can rest EZZY knowing that your kids and pets are not coming into contact or exposed to hazards. Indeed, our bait is less toxic than the salt in your food.

Flexible System: EZZY Termite Baiting System is flexible, and it can be deployed in different locations and scenarios. Therefore, the system can be used to treat termites even if the infestation is found in the most awkward or hard to access areas.

Guaranteed Elimination: Over the years of doing termite baiting, it is proven and evident that all subterranean termite species in Singapore are attracted to the termite bait we use for the treatment. Our termite bait is very palatable and we GURANTEE that we will eliminate the termite infestation in your home.

EZZY Warranty: We give a warranty for all our subterranean termite baiting treatments. After we eliminate the termites from your home, your property will be covered under our EZZY Warranty which means if you have another termite attack, EZZY will be there to treat it for FREE.

EZZY on your wallet: We understand you want to get the best solution to solve your termite problem but one that is affordable. Our prices are EZZY on your wallet yet guaranteeing the results you are looking for.

In Ground Baiting for Landed Properties

Landed properties have direct contact with soil thus making them more vulnerable to recurring termite attacks. Installing In-Ground monitoring and baiting stations provides 24/7 protection against termite attack. We not only destroy the current colony that is attacking your property but also crucial monitoring in the following months and years to protect against new colonies that establish themselves in your area.

In Ground baiting systems are placed along the perimeter of the property which act as interceptors for foraging subterranean termites that can attack your property again. Did you know that subterranean termites can travel up to 450 metres from their main colony in search of a food source? That means the main termite colony can be as far as 2 or 3 streets away and your home can still be a vulnerable source for termite attack.

No home is safe forever from termite attack, especially in Singapore where our climate is humid. You cannot protect your whole neighbourhood; but you can protect your home. Placing In – Ground termite stations around your property will intercept, give early termite detection signs and also allow the termites detected to be treated and eliminated. In this way, you are not only getting a heads up from a potential termite attack, but you are also protecting your furniture and fittings from being eaten up by the termites again.

EZZY In Ground Termite Baiting Programmes comprise of regular periodic inspections and maintenance of the In Ground stations, thus keeping your property FREE from Termites. Call us today to enquire about our flexible programmes.

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