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Thermal Imaging for Termites

Thermal imaging is an effective way to inspect your home and can detect problems that need to be addressed before evidence can be seen

Rodent Sensor Management

Rodent management using IPM Square Eye mainly targets the nesting site of rodents in the heavy inspected areas. It is an integrated multi-sensor device equipped with 7 high quality sensors for operation.

Virtual Termite Baiting

The best termite baiting system can now be very affordable with your participation to keep your home safe from the ferocious subterranean termites…

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Ezzy Pest Management Services specialises in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), providing easy and effective solutions for your current pest management challenges, expert advice and assistance to keep them from coming back! Ezzy Pest Management Services is a fresh, vibrant, pro-active pest management company backed by more than two decades of experience in the pest control industry. From residential to commercial, from 5 star Hotel to Pharmaceutical plant, from passenger ferry to ocean-going container vessel, our staff have the prior experience and know how to make your pest problems just an unhappy memory.

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